Mothers, babies, and pups.

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     Over this past week I have finally gotten myself to the place where I can chill for about two minutes and I resumed working at the greenhouse at school. A couple of days ago I was tasked with separating the Aloe Vera. This task is a form of propagation where newly grown aloe vera babies or ‘pups’ grow from the base of the mother plant and can be separated to grow an entirely new plant. ❤


Mother Aloe Vera BEFORE separation. 


{I don’t know what everyone’s plant knowledge is that reads this so I am just explaining what I learn over time.}

SO, this experience is not difficult but does take some patience.


Beautiful root system!


In most cases the pups separate themselves pretty easily from the base of the mother plant, however..

As you can see, the aloe is matured and has a very thick root system. I needed to use a knife at times to cut into the roots the closer to the base I got. The key is to cut the pup out with a at least four to five healthy roots attached to them in order to ensure their survival.


Pups potted up and ready for the spring sale.

Wait.. it’s not over..

Don’t forget the mother!


Mother outgrew her pot.

     I worked on a total of three of these same size aloe and two out of the three needed to be repotted. When repotting or planting any plant you always want to plant a little higher than grade than lower. In this case the aloe was high enough above the rim of the pot that it was falling over..


All better now.

     But in a quick stitch, it’s good as new.

Overall, it’s like nothing ever happened. 🙂

Happy planting friends.

Will talk soon.

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